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A Unique Childcare Centre in Lane Cove


At Ekidna Cottage childcare around Lane Cove we uphold the values we consider most important to the preschool learning environment and encourage every family who chooses to connect with us to live by them. Our childcare centre near Lane Cove is built upon respect for the child, the family, and our educators, with a strong focus on welcoming diversity and inclusivity. With lessons in making sustainable choices and teaching each child to select healthy and nutritious options to support their growing minds and bodies, we foster an environment of personal development.

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It is our philosophy that every preschooler in our childcare centre is capable of figuring out how best they interact with the world around them and should be recognised as an empowered and active author in their own learning. It has always been our aim to nurture and support relationships with the family as a whole; a quality we find sets us apart from other daycare or childcare centres in Lane Cove.


Our relationship with each child is of vital importance, and that extends to their families. We operate on the expectation of reciprocal trust, respect and a passion for allowing each child to have the opportunity to reach their highest potential.


As childcare educators who have an innate understanding of children strengthened by years of experience and further education, we know that our role is to nourish each child’s learning journey in whatever form that takes whilst in our Lane Cove daycare. Not all children respond to the same educational methods, and not every childcare centre teaches the same. That is why we make it our mission to discover how best to assist your child’s unique development.


We know that environment plays a huge role in helping preschool children learn. That is why the spaces in our Lane Cove childcare centre are arranged using a variety of resources that support and encourage learning. Each day is a new opportunity for all children to engage and benefit from meaningful interactions in these spaces, including social encounters, individual experiences and intentional learning through group times.


Your preschool child will be in good hands here at Ekidna’s Cottage childcare around Lane Cove. Our team consists of childcare teachers who are passionate and certified in early childhood teaching. Aside from they love for educating young children, they are also very hands on with the operations and curriculum at our Lane Cove preschool centre.


At our daycare centre near Lane Cove, we have plenty of different spaces meant to simulate your child’s senses and engage them through different environments:

  • Classrooms for small groups

  • Variety of sensory toys and learning tools

  • Interactive whiteboard to enhance learning

  • Outdoor learning and collaborating areas

  • Large spaces to get active

  • Sandpit to encourage their imagination

  • Plenty of plants indoors and outdoors

  • Book corner with literacy titles for all levels


Here at our childcare centre, just a stone throw away from Lane Cove, we strong believe in feeding preschool kids with nutritious food that nourishes their body and brains. This means ensuring a balanced diet along with healthy snacks that are made fresh and look appetising to your child. These meals at our childcare centre will fuel their growing bodies and teach them to make better decisions when selecting what they eat.


A child’s habit and upbringing can impact the person that they grew to be in the future. By exposing your preschool child to colourful, delicious meals packed full of well-made ingredients, they become more acquainted with different vegetables and their natural nutrients. We hope these meal plans will form part of their food choices even as they leave our Lane Cove childcare centre, grow more independent and enter adulthood many years later.


Sustainability is a practice that can be applied to all parts of our lives. We wish to impart the mindset of sustainability to all our preschool children in Ekidna Cottage childcare so they may start thinking about the impact their actions can have on our environment beyond Lane Cove. Through appreciating the wonders of mother nature, we aim to show them the power they hold even as young kids, and guide them down a path where their efforts for sustainability can make a real difference.

Since 2006, our Director Isha Aney has guided Ekidna’s vision to become the childcare centre we are immensely proud of. We believe our role is to forge a support network for families and the community of Lane Cove and Chatswood. We are one of the oldest and most respected early childcare and daycare centres in the area, as our focus is on quality education and care.


To book a tour or to find out more about if Ekidna Cottage childcare is right for your child in Lane Cove, call us on 9428 4162, or send an enquiry online.

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