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Ekidna Cottage Naremburn Early Learning Centre

Ekidna Cottage believes in doing things differently. We enlist a contemporary education pedagogy and modern research to encourage children to take charge of their own learning. The purpose of this educational style is to empower children through encouraging the use of skills like creative-process, decision-making, leadership and out-of-the-box thinking. As you can imagine, we allow the student to explore their own ability to learn and develop the skills that make them special.
This is why our Naremburn early learning centre has earned a reputation for providing a unique and specialised environment for kids to grow into teenagers and young adults. Our innovative style is designed to instill leadership and individualism in a child from an early age. If this sounds like something you would love for your child then all you have to do is contact our centre!

What makes our Naremburn early learning centre special?

We take pride in our ability to allow children to learn in a way that is suitable for them. As such, we have earned a wonderful reputation for the following:

  • Learn-through-play: We love seeing our alumni thrive through the magic of play. If there is one way kids can truly learn new things it is through different types of play. Whether it be arts, crafts, games or storytelling, there is so much to be learned and in ways kids can actually enjoy!

  • Individualism: We respect our kids and believe they have the ability to learn largely on their own steam. As such, our kids are welcomed to a space where  they can happily use and develop their own individual skills and personality traits to learn and complete tasks in a fun and nurturing environment.

Want to discuss enrolling your child?

We love hearing from new families and will be thrilled to chat with you, too. If you would like to discuss enrolling your child at our wonderful childcare centre then simply give us a call on 9428 4162 or submit an inquiry form via our contact page. We will reply shortly with all the information you require.

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