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At Ekidna, projects have become a valued part of the educational experience. Projects create a unique opportunity for children to work collaboratively, to build upon their own theories and understandings and to co-construct knowledge with others. Project work creates a context for learning that is relevant, rich and meaningful. It supports our philosophy and desire to create a community of learners who are empowered, respected and motivated to embrace challenges with confidence. The children are invited to work together with children from all ages (2-5 years) which creates unique possibilities for shared-knowledge, social and emotional learning, developing confidence and self-esteem and scaffolding one another's learning.  The educators also work alongside the children, carefully documenting learning, and creating further provocations or invitations for learning based on what they observe. 

"Mixed-age grouping allows educators to really see children as individuals and meet their very different individual needs." Judy Radich

"We must start with the children. The young child is the first great researcher. Children are born searching for and therefore researching the meaning of life, the meaning of the self, the meaning of the self in relation to others and to the world." - Carlina Rinaldi 

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