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A Boutique Childcare in Chatswood

At Ekidna Cottage, our childcare philosophy is simple. We strongly believe that every child is strong, capable and should be recognised as an empowered, active author of their own learning. We strive to create an environment that nurtures and supports the family as a whole, a mission that distinguishes Ekidna Cottage from other Chatswood preschool centres.

Our relationship and connections with each child and their families are based on reciprocal trust, respect and a passion for giving children the opportunity to reach their highest potential. As childcare educators with an innate understanding of children, our role is to support their learning as individuals.

Our experienced educators don’t assume that all children grow the same. That’s why our childcare in Chatswood endeavours to discover how best to assist your child’s development. This way, we can foster their unique interests while assisting them to learn everything they need to know about their social and emotional wellbeing. 


The Values of Our Chatswood Preschool

We hold our values in very high regard and strive to encourage every child, family member and educator to live through them. Our childcare centre in Chatswood is built upon mutual respect between everyone who comes to Ekidna in the Chatswood area, with a strong focus on welcoming diversity and inclusivity. We are also a globally conscious preschool centre, with lessons in place in our childcare program to teach children about caring for the environment, making mindful choices in sustainability, and how best they can fuel their growing minds and bodies with the right health and nutrition.

At our Chatswood childcare centre, our aim is to fill each preschool child’s day with the wonder of possibility. As childcare educators, we ensure that our children are allowed to be connected, to form relationships, and to understand where they fit in the world. We encourage them to explore beyond Chatswood, seek out and make sense of the world, and enable them to shape new understandings and develop their own unique identities.


We have a team of qualified early childhood development professionals who are passionate about your child’s personal development. Since every Chatswood child embarks on their learning journey a little differently, we have developed a whole curriculum of lessons that involve classroom and interactive learning session. Engaging them via all their senses, from hearing, to touching, tasting and even contributing through participation. No matter at what pace your child explores and learns, our childcare team will be there to support and guide them along their individual journeys.


Here within the premise of our childcare centre, situated in Ekidna Cottage - just a stone’s throw away from Chatswood CBD, we make sure there is a variety of spaces to support your child’s learning as they explore the world around them.


These include:

  • Classrooms and collaborating areas

  • Learning tools and different types of sensory toys

  • State-of-the-art interactive whiteboard

  • Outdoor learning areas

  • Wide spaces for them to be active

  • Communal sandpit

  • Indoor and outdoor plants

  • A library of physical books to suit all literacy levels


Here at Ekidna’s Cottage childcare near Chatswood, we believe nutrition is closely linked to your child’s growth and development. There is nothing better than having delicious meals that nourish your child’s growing body. Apart from ensuring every child has a healthy diet, it is also important to introduce a variety of colourful vegetable for more complete nutrition. We hope that this can help them enjoy the taste of freshly prepared ingredients and encourage them to choose healthy options when it comes to their own health and diet.


Sustainability is also a big part of our childcare’s teaching values. We wish for Chatswood children who attend Ekidna’s Cottage childcare to be able to understand the impact they can make to the environment. Even as young preschool children growing up in Chatswood, together, they can make a big impact when they embrace and practise sustainability. We aim to expose them to the beauty of mother nature, may it is small marvels in your backyard or big wonders across the world, every single one of them are worth preserving.


Our Director, Isha Aney, has been instrumental in guiding Ekidna’s vision since 2006. Through her, the team at Ekidna Cottage childcare have created an environment for Chatswood and Lane Cove preschoolers that goes above and beyond the call of other childcare centres. We believe our role is to provide a strong support network for families, and develop an authentic sense of community.

Our spaces are thoughtfully constructed and arranged using a variety of materials to support and encourage learning. At our Chatswood preschool, days are organised to give all children meaningful learning opportunities, including social encounters, individual experiences and intentional learning through group times.
We are proud to be one of the oldest and most renowned early childcare centres in the Chatswood area, with a focus on quality education and incomparable care.
To book a tour or to find out more about how Ekidna Cottage childcare is right for your child in Chatswood, call us on 9428 4162, or send an enquiry online.

What is Our Chatswood Childcare Philosophy?

What is Different About Our Chatswood Preschool?


67 Broughton Road, Artarmon nsw

Tel: 94284162

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