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A Willoughby area preschool dedicated to empowering your child

Ekidna Cottage is different to Willoughby childcare. We incorporate the teachings of modern early education to empower your child. We believe in respecting a child's ability to judge and reason for themselves. With this in mind, we leave a lot of the learning up to each individual student, allowing them to take charge of how they want to learn and what they want to achieve.

For this, we have earned a reputation for providing a new, innovative and creative approach to early education, and one that certainly instils an early sense of individualism and leadership in the child. What’s more, our dedication to relationship-based learning ensures that each child can nurture their education in a comfortable and social environment.

What we love about early education

Our Willoughby preschool is one where kids and their families can come to be inspired. We are not just a “drop-them-off-and-pick-them-up” kind of childcare centre - we are a fully inclusive space for both children and their parents to come to learn and grow together. This is at the centre of our pedagogy, ensuring that all families who enrol with Ekidna Cottage feel a sense of community connection, and one where everyone can feel inspired to take on new, exciting challenges.


We love nothing more than working alongside families to see their children grow into happy, confident and independent individuals, with a pedagogy that emphasises self-growth and educational autonomy. We believe that children don’t just go to preschool to muck around whilst their parents are at work - we see it as an opportunity to help families instil some of life’s most important skills through the magic of play learning and fun activities.


Autonomy, confidence, happiness - these three pillars are central to the educational program at our Willoughby childcare centre.

The wonders of learning while playing at our childcare

Whoever said kids can't have fun whilst learning new things? At Ekidna Cottage, our dedication lies in ensuring your kids have a safe and fun space to learn both academic and practical knowledge. From reading fascinating stories to playing wonderful games, through all kinds of creative endeavours, we are here to provide a backdrop for your child to flourish in the way they desire.

Want to find out more about our program?

If you would like to learn more about our preschool or would like to inquire about enrolling your child in our advanced educational program, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our friendly staff. We are committed to providing current and existing enrollees with the highest standard of respect and communication and will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our school or enrolling your child in our program.​

Simply call us on 9428 4162 or submit an inquiry form via our contact page and we will reply with all the information you require.

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