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Many recent studies into childhood health and wellbeing have outlined the increase in childhood health issues such as childhood obesity and lack of physical activity. At Ekidna, we also believe that physical activity supports children's learning as a whole. Giving children plenty of opportunities to engage in a wide variety of physical activity improves focus, concentration and coordination as well as overall confidence and positive self esteem. The FIT & FUNKY program is a holistic program that also encompasses music and dance, drama, imagination and creativity. The program also teaches children valuable relaxation techniques to help them transition into the rest of their day at Ekidna.

A strong sense of physical and psychological wellbeing enables children to confidently and optimistically engage and respond to others and the environment around them. The development of motor skills (gross motor, fine motor, perceptual motor) affords children greater autonomy and independence. healthy lifestyles that balance sound nutrition, physical activity, personal safety and rest also underpin the development of children's physical wellbeing."

(AEDC, ACA, guide to physical health and wellbeing)

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