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Ekidna Cottage​ is proud to be one of the oldest and most renowned early childhood centres in Artarmon. Since 2008, Ekidna Cottage has been family owned and directed by Isha. Isha's passion for the Early Childhood profession has given Ekidna the spirit that it has today. Ekidna Cottage is dedicated to providing the families within their community high quality education and care. Great value is placed on having high ratios and ensuring that educators are all qualified, including supporting and training those who are currently studying to complete their qualifications. By creating a culture of lifelong learners Ekidna embraces current educational approaches, research and philosophy and maintains it's high standard of care and education.  It is with intention that over the years Ekidna has also become a diverse community with a beautifully inclusive culture. The educators themselves reflect this value with diverse backgrounds in culture, language, education, travel and personal and professional skills that come together to create the collaborative team that makes Ekidna what it is today.

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