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The transition from an early childhood setting to school is a significant milestone. At Ekidna, we believe it is important to support both children and families in preparing for this time in order to make it the most positive experience possible. Whilst we believe that the children are developing the skills and dispositions that will equip them for school through the many learning experiences we offer in the day (see projects and learning through play), we also run a school readiness program that is specifically for those children who will be transitioning to school the following year. Within this program, the children are engaged in learning experiences that aim to foster their communication, social skills, literacy, numeracy, science and interactive technology and creativity. We also understand that making the decision of whether to send your child to school or not is a complex one that can feel stressful and uncertain. At Ekidna, supporting families is a high priority and we strive to work respectfully with you to help you come to a decision that feels right for you and your family. 


"Positive early school experiences through sound preparation and smooth transitions create good short and long term outcomes for children. Effective school readiness experiences and transition programs help child care professionals and families to identify when individual children are ready for school and to prepare them with the skills and qualities they need for a fruitful school experience. Constructive school readiness and transition experiences also create links between the service, families and schools."

NCAC, 2008, QIAS Factsheet #13

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